Draperies and Window Coverings

Your draperies are very sensitive to their environment.  Over time, constant exposure to the sunlight will weaken fibers, cause color fading or streaking and in extreme cases, dry rotting of the fabric.  Keeping shades or blinds drawn will help to minimize the harmful effects of the sun.

Humidity will affect different fabrics in varying ways.  In cold cause either shrinkage or stretching, but more importantly it can create condensation and produce water marks, which are very difficult to remove in the cleaning process.  It is important if your draperies do become water marked that you promptly arrange for cleaning.  Fresh stains are more likely to be removed safely and completely, though with water marks, there are no guarantees.r


Regular maintenance of your draperies will help to prolong their useful life. We recommend routine vacuuming with the dust brush on your vacuum every 3-4 months and professional cleaning every 2-3 years for draperies and every year for sheers. This will remove the harmful effects of months of exposure to cooking fumes, dust, tobacco smoke and other environmental pollutants. 

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